Helping good people become better!


Who is your ideal client?

My ideal client is someone who fully understands the commitment it takes to start and run a business. I work best with solopreneurs or two to three people who are working together in a partnership or joint venture. Coaches, healers, trainers and service providers are my specialty.

What if I'm not sure?

No one I've ever coached was 100% sure. You could hear their knees knock and watch the sweat run down their face. Working together is a process of discovery.

I get to work exclusively with you?

Yes you do. It is the one, iron clad, guaranteed promise I make to each of my clients. You wont get any workbooks or a series of videos or launch parties. Why not? Simply because no two businesses are alike. It's not even close.

What's a Discovery Session?

A discovery session is where you and I determine whether working together as coach and client will be to YOUR benefit. It's a scheduled time to get to know each other. It usually lasts 45 minutes and can be scheduled on my CONNECT page