I am a Career Transition Coach and Mentor who is the founder and CEO of New Career Creations. I work with people who are committed to creating balance in their lives and careers as solopreneurs. I've found the process of becoming an solopreneur the most rewarding career I've had.

I have partnered with members of the health care, transportation, retail, government, printing, pest management, travel, photography, manufacturing and micro brewing industries to name a few. I have worked with people in the profit and nonprofit environments for the past twenty-one years. These partnerships have produced lasting success for my clients as they began or sustain their entrepreneurial journey's

Whether it was as a front line supervisor in a manufacturing facility, leading work teams in employee involvement, directing human resource departments or working as a life and business coach, I've always done my best when I am helping and encouraging other people to find their unique path in life.

I've never been satisfied with labels.

I'm not a life coach or a business coach. I coach and mentor people who've reached a point in their lives where becoming a solopreneur is the next logical step in your journey

I am someone who helps people carve out new careers as entrepreneurs.

That's why I started New Career Creations.

I'd like a chance to help you find your path as an entrepreneur

I help people make the transition into a world that they've only dreamed of in the past and do it without breaking the bank or their spirits.

If you are thinking about making a switch from the career, you're in now to the gold fish bowl called entrepreneurship, let's talk

My wife, partner and friend of 46 years, Joan, and I currently live in Owensboro, Kentucky. We have six children, a dog, and four grandchildren.