Small Business Planning

Businesses need vision and a vision without a plan has very little chance for success.

I’ll help you create your vision along with the necessary steps to get there. Your business plan is the foundation for your success. From bricks and mortar to hiring your first employee, I am here to help.

How does business coaching work?

I use a three-step process that is also customized for you and your business.

  1. Create – We will work together to create a plan for you to reach your goal(s).
  2. Implement – Once you are comfortable with your plan, I’ll help guide you through its implementation process.
  3. Review & Continue – We will create a review strategy so that you make sure your hard work and progress is permanent.

I’ll provide you with a detailed report after each coaching session so you are clear about the action items required before we meet again. If we conduct our sessions online, I will furnish you with an audio recording of our session at no extra charge.

Between sessions I’ll check your progress towards completing your session action items either via text message or email.